Do you need instant HR advice online or over the phone? If you’re responsible for HR in your organisation, and sometimes not always sure if you are making the right call on a tricky HR issue, you can call us directly for 1:1 bespoke HR advice. Whether you are relatively inexperienced in HR, or a seasoned HR pro looking for someone to bounce ideas with, the HR services that we offer could be the perfect solution.

Power hour HR coaching helps you tackle current issues with practical, coaching-led advice to take the right steps to support your organisation.

​Some clients use the time to go through an entire shopping list of topics or queries.  Some have one tricky issue to tackle, and as a result we spend the time exploring both the best strategy and approach to take. If you are looking to undergo a HR organisational team then we can also go through and discuss this, sometimes having the ability to speak to someone independent is just the help you need.