On this edition of the HR Show, we look at my journey within HR. In this personal account, I discuss how I first knew I wanted to be in the industry, the struggles which I have faced both personally and professionally and where I am now.

We discuss the concept of redundancy, which unfortunately is becoming a phrase we are hearing all to often since the beginning of the pandemic. We discuss whether business owners are fully aware of the dangers surrounding redundancy and also how we can help.

One of the areas we do touch on is the redundancy toolkit, which is available from jurassichr.com. The toolkit is designed for small / medium sized businesses and contains, policies, letters, invitations, templates and consultation support. If you would like more information on the toolkit or indeed like to purchase one please visit this link

If you are listening to the show and thinking you would like to know more about Jurassic HR and the services which we offer, why not have a free 30 minute consultation. In this consultation we will identify with you what your needs are for your business and create a package or service just for you. To book your consultation visit this link 

One of the new services which we offer is the “Power Hour”, a one hour call with us to discuss any issue(s) which you may be facing. Do you need to bounce ideas off, have an independent view, well if you do then join us for a Power Hour coaching session, more information at this link

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My Journey

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