Sometimes within business we realise that we have challenges which we find would be helpful to discuss openly and freely. The Power Hour is an opportunity for you to do just this.

The Power Hour is a one hour dedicated conversation with Andy to discuss whatever it is you wish to focus on.

To help you with your issues, there are no rules, no topics off limits. By working together you and Andy can achieve clarity and direction on a range of HR and leadership challenges. Focusing completely on a subject or an issue for a one hour it is surprising how much you do achieve.

How Will the Coaching Work?

You will get one hour of uninterrupted time to talk through a challenge you are facing, get technical HR input, dress rehearse a board presentation – pretty much anything you want to use the time for.

​The format also works well for structured programmes of coaching, such as transition coaching during a redundancy, or preparing to return from parental leave.

Whatever the topic, the time is yours and I will send you what you need to prepare for our conversation.

Generally we will talk on the phone, so the most important thing you need to do is make sure you have a quiet place to talk, and at a time when you will not be interrupted. Please also keep a pen and notepad ready so that you can take notes during the session.

If you have a preference for a video format, we can use Skype or Zoom. If I think we will need to screenshare, I’ll always suggest this.

​The format is flexible and free flow and I encourage you to take notes while we talk.

It very much depends on what you want to cover.

​When you book the session you should indicate what you want to cover.  I will use this to determine what other preparation would be helpful for you to do prior to our conversation.  This will ensure we make the conversation as effective as possible.

If I can’t answer a question during our session I will go and find the answer if I can, and email it to you.

Coaching Packages Available

Ideal for any one-off need eg preparing for board meeting, addressing a challenge, or just to give it a try

​Ideal for any coaching over 2-3 months eg redundancy, return from parental leave, focus on a development area

​Ideal for in-depth coaching over 3-4 months eg preparing for promotion, first 100 days, 2+ development areas

Multiple sessions either for longer term coaching or can be used by different people in your organisation making coaching accessible and affordable to more people